When I subscribed to Tai Chi magazine some of my favorite stories to read were how and why people began to practice Tai Chi. Every two months I would receive my copy of the magazine and eagerly read about the Tai Chi journey of a featured Tai Chi practitioner. I would often think to myself, one day I would like to see my Tai Chi story published, but that never happened since Tai Chi magazine is no longer published.

Do you practice Tai Chi regularly or are you thinking of starting a Tai Chi journey?

Please submit your Tai Chi story to taichi-daily by filling out the contact form below. How and why you began your Tai Chi journey and how Tai Chi has improved your life for the better. I will publish your Tai Chi story on and give you a link back to your website.

Read about my Tai Chi journey here.

Don't want to submit a Tai Chi story, no problem, just fill out the form below to say hi. Let me know what part of the world you are from, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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“It is a self-defense exercise that can make your body strong. In the use of this exercise, there are a hundred benefits without one harm. It is a model for the whole country to follow.”
- Ts’ai Chueh-ming