If you are in need of a Kung Fu uniform or shoes for an upcoming Tai Chi competition or event, I suggest you check out the website TheTaiChiShop.com.
Tai Chi UniformThe website is professional and easy to use. First, you choose the product, size, enter your height, and weight. Then you pick color.

I recently ordered the Men’s Tai Chi uniform (TTJW01M) Cotton with Silk in black. The compact package was delivered relatively quick. The uniform was folded and wrapped in clear plastic. I could see that the size tag was marked XXXL which I thought was a mistake, so I didn’t want to open the item in case it needed to be returned. I contacted customer service via email at TheTaiChiShop and got a quick response that the uniform I received was in fact my size. I am 5’ 9” and weigh approximately 190 lbs. I was skeptical about the size marking, but when I tried the uniform on, it was a perfect fit.
The Tai Chi Shop
Check out the website TheTaiChiShop here.

I was really impressed with the quality, look, and feel of the Kung Fu uniform. I immediately decided to try it on and practice my Chen and Yang Tai Chi forms. The uniform felt like it was custom made for me. Both of my Tai Chi forms seemed to flow effortlessly. If you have ever practiced your Tai Chi form wearing an authentic Kung Fu uniform, you know what I am talking about. It is a must have for a Tai Chi competition. If you like the Kung Fu uniform reviewed, use coupon code JOE25 and get 25% OFF!

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