Life Is Better!® – Yin and Yang With a Smile T Shirt

Yin and Yang Symbol With a Smile T ShirtHave you noticed that your life has improved since you began practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Chi Kung, Meditation, Judo or any other martial art?  The term martial art can be defined as a self defense, but also is a wonderful spiritual practice of positive self improvement.

Benefits of practicing a Martial Art

The many benefits of practicing a martial art include increased flexibility, ability to defend yourself, strength and power, better coordination, mental clarity, lower blood pressure and heart rate, stress relief, social interaction, balance and posture, self discipline. These are just some of the many benefits a spiritual practice can enhance your life.

Yin and Yang Symbol With a Smile

My life has definitely improved and has continually gotten better since I began my martial art and spiritual journey many years ago.

The Yin and Yang symbol turned sideways with a smile underneath signifies to me that Life is Better!® with a spiritual practice. Be a positive example to your family & friends by setting goals and promoting a positive way of life through martial art training.

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