Life Is Better!® – Yin and Yang With a Smile T Shirt

Yin and Yang Symbol With a Smile T ShirtHave you noticed that your life has improved since you began practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Chi Kung, Meditation, Judo or any other martial art?  The term martial art can be defined as self-defense, but also is a wonderful spiritual practice of positive self-improvement.

Benefits of practicing a Martial Art

The many benefits of practicing a martial art include increased flexibility, ability to defend yourself, strength and power, better coordination, mental clarity, lower blood pressure, and heart rate, stress relief, social interaction, balance and posture, self-discipline. These are just some of the many benefits a spiritual practice can enhance your life.

Yin and Yang Symbol With a Smile

I created the Life is Better!® Yin and Yang With a Smile design to proudly showcase the positive impact Martial Arts, Meditation and Tai Chi have had on my life.

The Yin and Yang symbol turned sideways with a smile underneath signifies to me that Life is Better!® with a spiritual practice. Be a positive example to your family & friends by setting goals and promoting a positive way of life through martial art training.

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