Lately, I have read a few Tai Chi blog websites recommending “The best Tai Chi blogs online“. I am not sure how these Tai Chi blog writers determine which blogs are the best. Whenever I read a self proclaimed “top Tai Chi blog” list online my reaction is usually one of disappointment. I don’t see that their blog list contains Tai Chi blogs that stand out more than the others. I feel after 25 years of learning and practicing Tai Chi that we can all learn something from everyone, even a blog writer with less Tai Chi experience and only a few blog posts.

Personally I would rather peruse a list of “Recommended Tai Chi blogs“.

For a blog writer to make a list claiming these are the 5 best Tai Chi blogs or those are the ten best they may be preventing a beginner, intermediate or experienced Tai Chi player from reading other Tai Chi blogs not on their list. It is through seeing, hearing or reading something explained in a different way that gives us the “aha moment” we are looking for. Don’t miss out by only viewing someones personal list of the best Tai Chi blogs.

Whenever I find a Tai Chi blog that contains writings or content that interests me, I will list it below.

Recommended Tai Chi Blogs
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