Tai Chi Near MeOne question I usually get from people who contact me with regards to learning Tai Chi or Qigong is "How can I find a reputable Tai Chi school near me?" One way would be to reach out to friends on social media or search "Tai Chi near me" or "Qigong near me" in an internet browser of your choice. For example browsers such as google, yahoo or bing. You can also contact your local public school or library for adult education courses offered in your area.

An easier way would be to use the dojo search links found below: *Note: The utility used on the page link below is operated by dojosinfo.com.

*I make no recommendations for the products or services provided by the Tai Chi schools found using this search. Most if not all Tai Chi, Qigong or Martial Art schools will offer a free class or classes for an individual to try the school before signing up. I think this is a must because it is important to find a school you are comfortable at.

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