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One of my favorite magazines for Tai Chi information and news was T’ai Chi magazine. For a few years, I was a subscriber, I would receive an issue every two months for a total of six annually. After discontinuing my subscription I would often go to my local Barnes and Noble and grab a cup of coffee to sit and read the latest issue. I always found it to be very insightful. I especially enjoyed the stories of how and why people began their Tai Chi journey. I would often think that one day during my Tai Chi journey I would write and submit an article to be published.

I recently learned that the founder Marvin Smalheiser, publisher and editor of the popular T’AI CHI Magazine passed away on October 21, 2016, from undisclosed causes. He was in his mid-80’s.

The T’ai Chi Magazine was a must-read for the Tai Chi and Chi Kung practitioner it contained really good articles that kept you updated and informed about Chinese internal Martial Arts as well as other health disciplines. In the back of the magazine you would find the Wayfarer Tai Chi catalog, the catalog was a good source for Tai Chi DVD’s, Chi Kung DVD’s, Tai Chi Books, Meditative Music, and other Tai Chi related products.

T’ai Chi magazine had been serving the Tai Chi community since 1977.

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