If you are interested in meeting others interested in Tai Chi near you visit a Tai Chi Meetup held in your local area. Some of the Meetup topic groups include Qi Gong · Meditation · Martial Arts · Wellness · Internal Martial Arts · Tai Chi Push Hands · Alternative Medicine · Yoga · Healthy Living · Self-Improvement.Meetup

To learn more about the Long Island Tai Chi Push Hands Meetup Group, Click here. I have personally practiced push hands with the Long Island Push Hand Meetup group and can say it was always enjoyable and a great learning experience.

Read what others are saying about the Long Island Push Hands group below:

“Everyone was so friendly, helpful, and willing to share their knowledge.”
– Jamie

“Great time and a wonderful place to get together.”
– John

“All very friendly, helpful and skillful. Learned a lot and looking forward to more chances to learn and share with this group.”
– Nancy

“Great group of novices, advanced players and teachers.”
– Kurt


Locating a Martial Art school in your area shouldn’t be a difficult task, use the search method below to help find a martial art school near you.


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If you are interested in private Yang Style Tai Chi lessons in the Suffolk county, Long Island area please contact me here.



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