This morning I woke up early and drove about an hour and a half to Chinatown New York City from Long Island with the idea of taking photos of people who gather each morning to practice Tai Chi on Mulberry Street in Columbus Park. Traffic wasn’t too bad today on the Long Island expressway so I arrived just before 7 AM.

There was plenty of metered parking on Mott St. so I parked and put money in the meter. I walked up Mosco St. to Columbus park but the park entrance gate was locked. Just then I saw a group of Tai Chi players practicing outside the park gate so I walked over to the group to take some photos. The teacher looked very familiar to me, as I got closer to the group I realized it was one of my Tai Chi teachers from almost 20 years ago from the days of when I would practice Tai Chi in the park after working the night shift(7 AM – 7 PM). Her name was Lin Sai Ying(pictured in red). It was good to see her after so much time had passed and also great to see she was still teaching and practicing Tai Chi each morning. The group moved into the park to continue practicing. I walked around the park and took a few pictures of others practicing Tai Chi and also Qigong.

Please enjoy the Tai Chi photos below:




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