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Salt Lamp Benefits

The first time I saw a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, I was visiting my cousin’s gift shop in Brooklyn, NY. I was immediately drawn to the corner of the store where the lamps were glowing. I remember asking, “What is that?” My cousin replied, “it is a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, a natural air purifier.” […]

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Tai Chi Near Me

If you are interested in meeting others interested in Tai Chi near you visit a Tai Chi Meetup held in your local area. Some of the Meetup topic groups include Qi Gong · Meditation · Martial Arts · Wellness · Internal Martial Arts · Tai Chi Push Hands · Alternative Medicine · Yoga · Healthy Living · […]

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Life is Better

I have been training in Martial Arts for most of my life. I began studying Jiu Jitsu and then more intently in Aikido, QiGong and Tai Chi. I realized that the practice of these arts have really enhanced my life. I was thinking to myself that through martial arts my life was not just good […]

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Tai Chi T-Shirt

One day I was browsing the web looking to find a nice looking Tai Chi T-Shirt. I couldn’t find anything I really liked so I decided to create a few styles that I thought were cool. I thought it would be great to also offer other Martial Art T-Shirts like Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, […]

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THE PROFESSOR: Tai Chi’s Journey West – Review

Last night I attended the New York premiere of “the Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West” directed by Barry Strugatz at the Museum of the Moving Image June 9th 2016 in Astoria, Queens New York. I have anticipated this release of this feature documentary for some time now. I learned of the film a few years […]

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World Tai Chi Day

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2016 “On the last Saturday of April each year at 10 am, tens of thousands in hundreds of cities, in over 70 nations come together… to breathe together… to provide a healing vision for our world. Be a part of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 on Long […]

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Kung Fu Uniform Review

If you are in need of a Kung Fu uniform or shoes for an upcoming Tai Chi competition or event, I suggest you check out the website TheTaiChiShop.com. The website is professional and easy to use. First, you choose the product, size, enter your height, and weight. Then you pick color. I recently ordered the […]

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Chen Zhonghua

Tonight, I was perusing the website of Chen Zhonghua – Chen Taiji Practical Method and decided to register pay and watch a video. The site is secure and accepts PayPal or credit card payments. The videos are relatively inexpensive and range in price from $1 – $20. For $5 dollars I had access to a […]

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Anxiety Cures

I have often read online that Tai Chi cures and reduces anxiety. I do not feel that Tai Chi practice alone can cure anxiety but it can definitely help. Tai Chi can teach you to learn the feeling of relaxation necessary in order to cope with anxiety symptoms. This is especially taught during fixed step Push Hands, […]

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Depending on the length of a Tai Chi form, it can often take a person more than a year to learn a Tai Chi sequence and/or a lifetime to perfect it. One of the things that intrigues me about Tai Chi the most, is that you can never perfect it and so begins the journey. […]

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